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Another name of the domain name is IP address, and in the format of ( 192. 168.60.123 ), when a user enters the website name into the address bar on the browser, the server translates the characters into Internet protocol address to communicate with the computers, Every domain is unique. Instead of typing the numeric digits it is comfortable to type the words or characters. In short the purpose of making the IP address in the format of the domain name it is very easy to remember the site or blog names.

What is the maximum and minimum size of the Domain name

The Max number for creating the website name is 253 characters, and min size is more than 2 letters.

What is the URL (uniform address locator)


Protocol Types

The website address looks like in the pattern of URL (http://www.hostandservers.com), and every domain name is unique. Any file or page to communicate with a server to a client, we need a channel, the internet provides different sets of protocols, to transfer the user's data from user to server and response back.

  • 1 - http: - hyper text transfer protocol, It's a default protocol to communicate through the internet.
    2 - https: (hyper text transfer protocol secure) with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) - This protocol use for secure websites like a bank or to check e-mails. Usually to visit the website with proper credentials (username, password), then we use secure login details to save from the hackers.
    3 - Smtp: - To send emails.
    4 - FTP: - file transfer protocols, use for the bulk size data.
  • Fully qualified domain name is web address of the website.
  • and the last one is the extension TLD

TLD - Top Level Domain extensions

TLD is a short form of the top level domain, what is the connection with a domain name. Every website/ blog name ends with some extension after the dot; the most famous TLDs are .com, .net, and .org. So, must wisely select the extension based on your chosen niche blog type. Below some example will give an idea on what kind of TLD's are proper for your online business.

  • .com - for commercial blogs
  • .net - for software releated
  • .edu - for education purpose

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