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The internet made many changes in our daily lives as well as business trends also changed. The majority of people most of the time spending money on purchasing they favorite products online. In olden days, it was a big process to set up an online company must have to hire a professional software programmer to design a decent website. Now the situation has been changed without any skills or programming knowledge can develop fabulous blogs/sites quickly. Now many large web-hosting firms are offering different kinds of hosting facilities to launch the business on the internet easily in our budget.

The economical way to hosting a website with shared hosting

  • What is shared hosting?
  • The basic idea of the shared hosting is to cut all the unnecessary expensive. (limit the bandwidth, disk space, monthly visitors, email accounts, databases (MySQL or SQL Server) & much more. Instead of paying the whole rent on one server, many users are sharing the cost evenly. It's very helpful for the beginners to start an online business with a small investment.

  • What about the Website Performance on shared hostings?
  • As we knew, that shared hosting is distributing too many users. So, there must be a certain impact on site performance when compare with dedicated or virtual private servers. The most of the companies are offering very low prices, but when you check the standard companies they might charge little more but it’s worth to pay. They guarantee the performance, upload time, and customer support 24/7. Here are some big hosting providers (GoDaddy, blue host & host gator).

    Suppose if the server is down, its big issue for the company. The customers will be unhappy and will discontinue the further business with them. That’s why the big companies always take seriously to keep the clients business available 24/7.

    Note: - All my sites/blogs are with go daddy servers and am glad. But, I suggest check the reviews before purchase the hosting plans.Godaddy Windows shared hosting prices plans



  • According to your budget plan you can rent hosting for a monthly or yearly. A basic website can create as low as Rs-99 Per month.
  • Even though sharing single server to multiple users. But still, can manage our data can monitor the usage of the disk space, bandwidth, upload files, images easily with user-friendly webmaster tools like Cpanel, Plesk.
  • Create multiple e-mail accounts on your business or domain name.
  • Create Several FTP Users accounts.
  • No requirement to hire any developer can build website efficiently by ourselves.

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