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how to add new FTP user account godaddy hosting windows server2017


File Transfer Protocol, It’s a standard protocol used to transfer digital files between PC and Main Server. The following post is about "How to create FTP users on GoDaddy host account" and give permission to manage the website pages to upload data into the hosting server from your local computer. The limit (Starter, Economy & Deluxe ), is only 50 users will be allowed to add FTP accounts. But for Ultimate there are no restrictions can create unlimited FTP users.

Step to add FTP users on GoDaddy hosting. After Login into your account, click the web hosting and will get all accounts hosting options, choose hosting account click "Manage".


We are in the Hosting details page, and There is an FTP Users icon in the settings option. Press the FTP users and will pop up a window Manage FTP Users with green add button click!


Now, Its time to add the new user to give permission to allow upload files on the server. For that create a new username & PWD.

  • Should not contains upper case
  • Must start with a letter and
  • The length should be between 5 to 14 characters
  • FTP-Godaddy-User-Create

    The Requirements To Create The Password Are !

  • Username is not allowed, must be totally different
  • must include any one of these special char’s (!@#%) in your password
  • Should include (numbers, upper & lower case letters)
  • Begin with a letter and the size must be 8-14 chacters long
  • FTP-Godaddy-User-Create-Password

Once you provide all the correct information, The New FTP user will generate. Here, in the below image I have created a new account successfully!


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